Monday, October 19, 2009

Puerto Rico Governor Does Not Have How to Help People Involved in the October Massacre

October 19, 2009

Governor dismantled office for compensation of delinquency victims. This office has 14mm and receives 1.2mm yearly of fed funds. We just have a massacre in the island and that office is closed by the massive Public Worker firing. Who is going to help the affected people in the massacre. Where is the money from that office?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Puerto Rico Next Strike Against our Governor and his Government

October 18, 2009

Próxima manifestación contra este gobierno nefasto y hitleriano.

Basta ya de abusos, mentiras, manipulaciones, corrupción y de violar la dignidad de todos los puertorriqueños.

Governor Covers for People from his Political Party from Being Fired

October 18, 2009

Well, what else can be expected from a Puertorican Hitler and a liar? Nothing not to be believed coming from the governor of Puerto Rico. He has a list of 30,000 to be fired in october 2009. He used the strategy to include people from his political party and said that the firing was a blind and randomly process. We were waiting for this: not only he has moved people on the list that are part of his political party to other locations and to his staff political positions to prevent they do not get fired but also, he has increased their salary.

Our governor is a common deliquent like any other.

This are the three companies the goverment is paying very high amounts of money to re structure the goverment like a private business while the Public Workers were fired. these three companies has collected their Public workers salaries and more. They are the ones designing to eliminate and get rid of middle class, middle low class, working class and low class:
1. Teresa Isenberg, directora gerencial de Hewitt Associates
2. Félix García Barreto, vicepresidente de IKON Group
3. Orlando Mercado, presidente de Innova Management Solutions, Inc.

They are the ones that tell the one that apply for a job that they are too old for the jobs availables, they are under or over qualify, they had a different experience. But they are the ones that hired for the governor's staff people without a degree or experience on Public Service to work for the government.

Do not believe one thing the governor says. he is going to fired 17,000 more before the ende of the year 2009. In the mean time he told the ones that were fired that what he gave them, 2,500.00 to start studying or to create a new business, they can use it buy their christmas gifts for their families. Isn't he a joker? Helloooo 2,500 is not enough to pay debts to begin with. And by any chance, does he want people to spent what they have left is his political investor's stores?

Don't you think he has violated enough the human dignity? And then, he has the guts to ask for respect.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Puerto Rico Governor The New Hitler of America

October 17, 2009

Governor hides methods if any to fire 25 thounsand employees.
He does not answer to Senate and Congress petition to disclose method, studies, statistic that prove he needed to fire 25 thousand people and live 24 thousand families on the street.

He only has one answer for the public: "The other option is to close the goverment". We keep asking him under what calculation, studies, research, etc. and he does not show, answer or give any explanations.

Another thing, no one is allow to see at the State Department the new companies that has being registered since he started his job. New companies that will take the public workers jobs he eliminated. Offer he did to the private sector on the back of the citizens before winning his election.There is proof of that at the Accountants Association. Something he did not disclosed to the citizens.

He only appears at the press under his instructions. No one can ask him any more of what he established to be asked for.

The new Hitler of America = governor Fortuño, Puerto Rico

On the other hand, he keeps increasing the goverment staff their salary; $40k over the salary they started with. He keeps spending $$$$ on advertising for his office. And, he hides the secretary of goverment's salary.

He has determine no one is to be returned to the job they were "fired" from under any circunstances.

He is offended because an artist called him Son of the B... Because it insinuates a Mother... But he can care less all the damage he has done to women he left without a job for no reason. Never mind all the human rights he has violated to all the people he fired.

Governor made removed and eliminated the requirement from the Puertorican Bar Association with the intention to take over the Bar Association.

Governor hired three companies $,$$$,$$$, to fired people. Companies that don't know anything about government and no one can know who they are. Then, the new human resources manager that don't have the degree or knowledge to be one, pick randomly names and fired people.

1st round they fired 8,000
2nd round they fired 16, 970
3er round is coming up -17,000

Monday, October 12, 2009

Puerto Rico Governor Destroyed the Puertorican Families

October 12, 2009

The entire island is together. The governor and the congress destroyed the puertorican family. Now the puertorican families want him OUT. No one told him to be governor to destroy and sell the island, public service, to live all families without well being and to keep everything for him and his friends. No one want a facist governor.

Governor shuts down state university, removed and forced all residents in dorms to live the residences.

See the latest organized for the NATIONAL STRIKE on OCTOBER 15

Friday, October 9, 2009

Puerto Rico Governor Keeps Lying About No Firing Any More People

October 9, 2009

The governor denied he was firing more people. On the other hand, more public workers keep receiving letter to be fired.

He will be firing 40 thousand people by november 6, 2009

78 school shutting down because all the fired professors.


Governor just spent 13mm on political image surveys to find out how he was doing while he took that money from public workers jobs that he dismantled and left 24 thousand families without food, rent, books, health insurance , education and transportation.

This is a very easy ecuation. Governor took public workers jobs and gave them to his friends and investors. They are creating the businesses at the Estate Dept to privatize all counties and towns municipalities. Jobs openning are already available but not to the fired people. People that will be hired from those new companies from EU and Puerto Rico will not have benefits or health insurance and will work part time. In that way the companies won't have to adquired that for their employees.

Public workers lost all their pensions benefit.

Tax Collection Secretary said that he will be given to the private sector their contribution benefit |Creolle| from EU that were holding since march. Yeap, he made checks, read well checks. But those checks don't have the right amount. Another lie. Government keeps holding the fed funds.

Governor is sending new firing letters to the public corporations as well.More people on the streets without jobs. But he said to the national and international press that he is not firing any more people.

Psychologist, Social Workers and Doctors preparing for the national strike today. But the Governor Secretary Mr. Rodríguez Ema -the same stole fed funds with the Roselló administration, brought back by the actual governor- said that is terrorism.

Even kids at schools are mad at the governor. Police misbehave at school against students and instructors.

People are going to the court to take their complaints because the Law 7 has defects and is totally illegal the actions they has taken against the public workers.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Puerto Rico We as a Country Will Not Sell Public Service, We Will Not Sell Our Country

Thursday, October 8, 2009

So, the private sector cried because they were not doing well and the governor decided to sell them the public sector for them to get some income. How creative. They saw the only market available to take over -the government- And the governor has the guts to ask the Fired Public Workers to be creative ... against all the odds: no money, no nothing but be creative. On the other hand, dismantled the Public Service without a need. It was all an excuse to sell to his firends wellbeing and at the same time get a piece of the gains as an investor. He sold the wellbeing of thousands of families to corporations that were in debts. He took the middle class money and gave it to the high class for them not to suffer. High class that never learn to suffer before. The governor use the people that voted for him to live them on their streets without nothing on purpose, to take from them the only thing they have: a secure job, a daily meal, medical insurance, a child in school, transportation, security.

The governor has helped enough the private sector behind the scenes. The governor signed Law 93 which it makes the Private Sector exempt from paying their debts to the Government Tax Collector Office (Departamento de Hacienda). The Secretary of that office has the power to choose who will pay and who he will wave out of their debt. If you are a corporation and you do not support the governor, YOU HAVE TO PAY YOUR DEBT.

But on other hand, the governor used our people and their jobs to pay the Private Sector's debt leaving us without jobs, homes, food, transportation, our children schools and education, our families health insurance, to avoid his friends suffering a little bit with a little bit less income.

More manifestations against the sale of our Public Service and of Our Country